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Advertise with Chamber

Advertise with Chamber


Advertisers on receive rotating ads on multiple Chamber web pages with the live link of your choosing. Ad specifications are 220 x 340 pixels. Ads must be created by purchaser and emailed to the Chamber's Director of Marketing three weeks prior to scheduled loop date. Web pages will have up to nine rotating ads at one time, or three rotating ads per ad space. Pricing model is for member/non-member.

Advertising with the Metro North Chamber of Commerce is a great way to grow your business. Investors enjoy discounted rates on website ads, in eConnect eblasts, and in other Chamber publications such as our B2B, economic development publication, Metro North Connection. Our eConnect newsletters are sent to a growing list (7,000+) of investors, business leaders, and community members.

1 month = $300/$400, 2 months $510/$680, 3 months $720/$960 

eConnect Events and News & Information E-Newsletters

Our e-newsletter is emailed a list of 8,000+ Chamber investors, partners, and metro north business community members. Our eConnect Events newsletter and eConnect News & Information letter are both distributed weekly. Pricing model is for member/non-member.

  • Ad reservations must be received by the first of the month
  • Ad art and copy must be received one week prior to publication
  • Ads will be used repeatedly unless otherwise notified
  • Ad contracts cancelled during the contracted term will be billed at the appropriate monthly rate for the remainder of the contract
  • Ad placement will be at the discretion of the Chamber marketing staff
  • Four ads maximum for any one eblast

1 month = $450/$550 (8 exposures) 2 months = $765/$935 (16 exposures) 3 months = $1150/$940 (24 exposures)

To purchase and reserve ad space on our website or in our eConnect newsletters, contact our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Cecile Elliott, at or at (720) 259-2433.

Download our 2019 Ad Rate Card below


The Metro North Chamber partners with Easy Chair Media to produce a bi-annual, business-to-business, economic development publication focused on the metro north region. This magazine, which has both print and digital iterations, is mailed to thousands of people in the region including Chamber members, business leaders, community leaders, and economic development leaders. The magazine includes informations about Chamber programs, events, and initiatives, regional business and economic trends, and timely news about our investors and municipalities. Please see our media kit for additional details or contact Kristie Melendez at Easy Chair Media at or (970) 686-5805.

Download the Metro North CONNECTION media kit below